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Fox Forks

Lower leg service, seals and foam rings, bushing sizing All Years from £40.00
32mm Float/Vanilla (non FIT) All Years £80.00
32mm TALAS (I, II, & III non FIT) All Years £90.00
32mm Float/Vanilla (with FIT damper) All Years £84.00 
32mm TALAS (with FIT damper) All Years £94.00
34mm Float (with FIT/Evo damper) All Years £84.00
34mm TALAS (with FIT/Evo damper) All Years £94.00
36mm Float/Vanilla (non FIT) All Years £80.00
36mm TALAS (non FIT) All Years £90.00
36mm Float/Vanilla (with FIT* damper) All Years £84.00
36mm TALAS (with FIT* damper) All Years £94.00
40mm All Years £94.00
Bushing replacement and sizing (wipers will need to be removed - can be carried out along side a full service or as a stand alone job) All Years from £45.00
32, 36 & 40 FIT* damper rebuild All Years £45.00

*Note* Older, non inverted, FIT damper bladders (pre 2011) are no longer available so upgrades are available to the newer version instead.