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Repairs & Replacements

As well as taking care of your suspension servicing needs, Flotec also undertakes more complex repairs to your complete bike setup. Having worked at the highest level on both the Down Hill Work Cup and EWS circuits we have a wealth of experiencing looking after the best bikes around.

Fork, Shock & Seatpost Repairs

Although most problems with your fork, shock or seatpost will be remedied by a full service, in some cases the problem can be more complex. We have the tools and expertise to take care of any problem you might have. 

Frame Bearing Replacements

Frame bearings are an often overlooked aspect of your suspension system. Worn or damaged bearings and bushings can have a massive impact on your suspensions small bump sensitivity and overall performance. Replacing your frame bearings at regular interval is just as important as having your other items serviced.

We can deal with any problems and are fully equipped to custom manufacture any unusual or unavailable bushings/pins.

Cost dependent on frame make and model. Contact us for more information.

Brake Bleeds & Repairs

Next to suspension, brake maintenance can seem complicated. From a simple bleed to a full calliper rebuild, flotec can help with your repair needs. Give us a call or contact us to discuss your needs.